CHPL - Advantages
Here are just some of the advantages in choosing GAL & Silverhawk Aviation Academy to be your helicopter flight instruction school:

  • Location: Idaho gives pilots an advantage over other pilots because students are trained in all types of topography. Silverhawk Academy is located within minutes from mountains, canyons, rolling foothills, downtown Boise, a major airport, lakes, rivers, desert plains, and designated wilderness. This will establish confidence for student’s skills in flying in every scenario. While we may have 234 days of sun a year, you will get plenty of opportunity to fly in varying weather conditions and to experience variable altitudes during all four seasons.

  • 141 Flight School: 141 schools are held to a higher standard with Chief and Assistant Chief Flight instructors overseeing other instructors. There are four stage checks during each rating to make sure students are at the level they need to be.

  • Examiners on Staff: Silverhawk Aviation Academy has on staff two flight instructors that are certified designated examiners. These instructors give check rides to pilots all over the intermountain region. This testifies to our instructors' experience levels and also saves you time in scheduling a check ride.

  • Flexible Scheduling: With classes starting at 7:00 am and running until 9:00 pm, 7 days a week, you can make a schedule that best accommodates your lifestyle. You can complete training at your own speed, flying 7 days a week if you so desire. You will be here 2 to 4 hours on the days that YOU choose.

  • Unmatched Quality: 100% of our graduates are employed in helicopter operations all over the world providing sufficient evidence that Silverhawk is a top choice school with an outstanding national and international reputation.

  • Weather: While we may have 234 days of sun a year, you will get plenty of opportunity to fly in varying weather conditions. Experience all seasons and flying at altitude.

  • Multiple helicopters and instructors: This means a helicopter is always available for training. Also, you have the opportunity to schedule time with various instructors.

  • On-site Service Center: Helicopters are maintained on site and held to factory standards by 2 certified on-site mechanics.

  • People: We'll do our best to make you feel safe, prepared, and most importantly -- welcome! By choosing Silverhawk Aviation Academy, you become part of OUR family and will have a built-in network of successful professional pilots from which to draw feedback and guidance.