Charter - Why Fly with GAL?

Whether for business or leisure, we offer you the convenience, lifestyle, savings and peace of mind that only a chartered aircraft can offer. Take control of your time and make commercial air travel a thing of the past.

For the Convenience:
  • Pre-cleared check-in so no hassles found at airports
  • You choose where we fly from/to and what time we fly
  • You fly to places not so well connected through Commercial Airlines
  • Fly Multiple hops as per your needs
  • Flexible: we leave when you're ready, whether early or late
For the Savings:
  • Competitively priced
  • We get you back home quicker and more relaxed
  • Substantially less expensive than most luxury private charters
  • Convert low quality time into high quality time
  • Improve productivity and reduce staff turnover
For the Lifestyle:
  • Your own private aircraft to your chosen destination in style
  • First class service, you're more than just a number
  • Exclusivity of your own business aircraft without the high expense
  • A fast, quiet & comfortable flight as you'd expect on a modern aircraft
  • Enables weekend trips
For the Peace of Mind:
  • Fuel efficient, lower carbon footprint
  • Privacy - no other passengers to worry about
  • Knowing the aircraft won't leave without you
  • Trips to airfields inaccessible by larger planes