Charter - The Aircraft

Our aircraft Piper Seneca V has been specially chosen looking at the need for commuting to not so well connected places, with short airstrips, poor or tedious road connectivity, travel of smaller groups/ families, yet safe, secure, comfortable and cost effective flying. Seneca V well fits into the requirement, and is a proven performer around the World.

The configuration of separate entry and baggage doors with the comfort of a cabin-class interior makes the piper Seneca V the Perfect Private Travel Aircraft. A Near Brand New Aircraft, having flown just 330 hours so far.

Features :
  • Piper Seneca V : PA-34-220T Dual Engine

  • Indian Regn. No. : VT-NIK

  • Sr No. 3449354

  • Year of manufacture: 2007

  • 220 hp, 6 Cylinder Continental Dual Engines

  • Hours Flown since new: 330 Hours

  • 5 Pax +1 Pilot or 4 Pax+2 Pilots

  • Factory Installed Aircon

  • Full De-icing System.

  • Oxygen System with Kevlar Bottles

  • High end Avionics including Weather Radar, Stormscope and Active Traffic Avoidance System & Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

  • Baggage capacity of 45.4Kg in Forward Compartment & 38.6Kg in Aft Compartment

  • Can carry additional cargo with two seats removed

  • Max speed: 205 Knots (184Kts @10,000 ft and 198Kts @ 18,500 ft, with max. ceiling of 25,000 ft)

  • Max Range 1296 Km @10,000 ft cruise level

  • Requires short Airstrips (1525 ft for Take-Off and 1400Ft for Landing on Ground Roll)